Stories from the Men of Gospel on Tap

Gospel On Tap The Challenge
The Challenge
There are insufficient environments for men of diverse life experiences to connect in relationship and process their lives together through the lens of the Gospel.

The Opportunity
To create an environment for men to have honest, vulnerable conversations about the intersection of their lives and the Gospel, with the hope that what results are men living in a Gospel-connected community leading Gospel-centered lives.

The Audience
Men who are more established in their careers, who are frustrated by the dissonance between the Gospel and their life, who are exhausted by shallow conversations about their faith, and who are dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities to engage in meaningful discussions about the Gospel and their lives with like-minded men.

The Invitation
We are a community of men who are thirsty: thirsty for a deeper understanding of our faith and how it guides our lives; thirsty for deeper relationships among like-minded men; and thirsty for a cold beer.  That’s why our name, Gospel on Tap, is no accident. The word Gospel means “Good News about Jesus,” and to be on Tap means “freely and immediately available to be drawn from.”  This describes exactly what we want to build: an environment where the Good News about Jesus is freely and immediately available to men who are thirsty for the community we offer. We want you to join us after a long day’s work, enjoy a beer or two in comfort, and wrestle with the intersection of your life and the Gospel, all in an environment that favors truth and vulnerability over dogma and judgment. We know that Gospel on Tap isn’t for everyone, and we’re fine with that.  But Gospel on Tap is certainly for some, and if you’re interested, we hope you’ll join us.