The gospel is a declaration. It is the good news of what God has done through his Son the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to be proclaimed throughout the world because those who embrace it with their lives will find salvation from their worst problem and salvation to all the riches God has to offer man.

The bad news is that all men are without God and without hope in the world, ever since our first parents disobeyed God for the first time. We are all sinful by nature and sinful by practice, and we could never become right again with God on our own.

The good news is that God has finished what we were helpless to begin. Through the sending of his Son he sent us salvation. Jesus’ death and his resurrection to life according to God’s plan have secured full salvation. Those who trust Jesus obtain salvation from sin and death forever, and they gain salvation for righteousness and life forever. No earning is required, only faith in Jesus’ person and work. Upon receipt of this gift, every believer has suddenly been radically transferred into a new kingdom with a new status and new benefits.

Now every believer is a son of God, a saint of God, and a servant of God. And every believer has a right and loving relationship with God, forgiveness, life that is abundant and eternal, a spiritual inheritance, Christ as intercessor, the Holy Spirit within, and the promise of heaven forever with God. In fact, because Christ has died for our sins to give us the full life of God, we are said to have “every blessing”—and we will spend the rest of eternity discovering the riches of this vast treasure.

~Bob Martin IV